Animal Abuse Awareness

It is time for the Digi Blog Train List blogtrain. This is an issue very dear to my heart, I cannot stand to see or know that any kind of animal is being abused. It is just a fact that some people should not own animals. If you aren’t willing to take care of an animal; feed it, groom it, love it, shelter it, and take it to a vet, then you should not have a pet. I love all kinds of animals and have had several pets through out my life time. Right now I only have one cat, and she is very spoiled. To learn more about Animal Abuse, how to report it, and how you can help please visit ASPCA.

List of stops.

KJD designs – You are here
Dea’s Design
Ostrea Designs
Ann’s Scrapbook Heaven
Angel Wing Scraps
Marniejo’s House Of Scraps
Dreamn 4 Ever Designs
Shuckclod’s Stuff
Caroline B.

My kit, click on preview for download. Thank you for stopping by.

Animal Abuse Awareness Preview2_KJDdesigns


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8 thoughts on “Animal Abuse Awareness

  1. Hi, I found this download when browsing kits so I can scrap some pages for a group I am a member (& foster carer) for – Working Breed Rehab – which is based on the East coast of Australia. I know the link is no longer valid however if it is still available could I please have a copy of the kit?

  2. It is one of the worst actions!!! One of the “things” God put on earth, love you unconditionally…. And to hurt them in any way…. Unbelievable!! I currently have 3 cats and 1 dog that were abused but now live on 450 acres and run free and are SAFE!!! I have done this since I was a teenager… Thank you for a beautiful kit and thank you for putting a spot light on this horrible actions!!!

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