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Welcome to the August DBTL Blog Train. We are bringing attention to Deaf Awareness this month, and this touched home with me as my daughter has severe hearing loss. We didn’t find out until she had a hearing test in Kindergarten and failed miserably. When I asked how she knew what we were saying she said she learned to read lips. I was in shock. Unfortunately there isn’t anything they can do for her type of hearing loss.  The Deaf Community is a very good Web Page for Deaf Awareness. The reason I like this page is because they don’t try to convince everyone that there is only one solution for the deaf. They realize that some in the deaf community are pro cochlear implants and some are not. They respect everyone’s view.



Angel Wing Scraps
Rhonda B. Studio
Tudo Fofura
KJD designs – You are here
Coop’s Custom Creations
Dea’s Design
Shuckclod’s Stuff
Ostrea Designs

Dreamn4Ever Designs
DBTL FB Page(click bonus) 

 My Kit: just click on the preview for the download

DBTL DeafAwareness PreviewJ-O-Y

Happy Scrapping!


4 thoughts on “Digi-Blog-Train-List BT

  1. Love the service dog!! The frames are lovely!!! Love the butterfly!!! She is stunning!! Love the tag, bird cage, and tag!!! The papers are just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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