Welcome to the November Blog Train. This month we are bringing awareness to Shingles.
This hits close to home for me. I have had shingles twice in my life. Once, when I was 6 years old which is extremely rare. Shingles is an adult disease. The second time I had shingles was as an adult. I got my Shingles shot because I am highly susceptible to getting them. I don’t remember them as a child but as an adult I do remember them being very painful. Click HERE to learn more about shingles and find out if you should get a vaccination or not.



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Shingle PreviewJ-O-Y


Happy Scrapping!


7 thoughts on “DBTL-Shingles

  1. My youngest daughter had shingles when she was 13. She was invited to a girlfriend’s house for a sleepover. We talked to a doctor, who said that my daughter wasn’t contagious. I told the other mom and she refused to have my daughter in her home. She said none of them had had chicken pox and she wasn’t about to be exposed to it at her age. So I took my daughter home. What is funny tho, my daughter had been cleared by the doctor to go to school and had been in school for several days. If she had been contagious, the girlfriend would have already been exposed to it and her family would have been exposed also.

    Thank you for sharing your kit with us. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had first had experience with this … I hope you don’t get it again! Thank you for sharing your creation.

  3. Love the pearl border!!!! The frame and flowers are gorgeous!!!! The papers are beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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