Manic Monday 11-7

Welcome November, and to Manic Monday. Today’s featured kit is “Golden Years”. My husband and I are in our golden years and we are enjoying them. It is nice to not have to get up and go to work each day. We can sleep in or not. Stay home or go out and to something fun. It is like being newlyweds all over again. I am also glad we decided to move to a small town after living in a large city for many years. And of course I love living where we have four distinct seasons. No more 80 degree temperatures on Christmas day!

Golden Years is available at the following stores:


Scrapbook Boutique

The Printshop

PrintMaster Packs

You can visit Marilyn’s blog HERE.

Kit Previews

mhos_goldenyear_01 mhos_goldenyear_02 mhos_goldenyear_03 mhos_goldenyear_04 mhos_goldenyear_05 mhos_goldenyear_06 mhos_goldenyear_07 mhos_goldenyear_08

Here are two layouts that are available in her store, plus there are other add-on items you can purchase individually.



kjd_goldenyear_lo1 kjd_goldenyear_qp2

J – O – Y

Jesus – Others – Yourself




One thought on “Manic Monday 11-7

  1. In your 11-7 email, you had the nicest thoughts about Golden Years. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. Your “Golden Years” kit is really nice. I won’t be in my Golden Years for a while yet but I copied your thoughts so I can reread them.

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