Manic Monday 11-21


It’s a crazy, crazy Tea Party Manic Monday when Marnijo’s House of Scraps features the kit “Crazy Tea Party”. I love the elements and papers in this kit as well as the colors. You will be able to create some fun, and funny layouts with this kit. It’s not just for kids either as you can see in one of my layouts. I have been out of high school since 1971 but that didn’t stop me from having fun at a girl’s only reunion where I donned as much HS memorabilia as I could. It was the perfect picture for this kit. You can find this kit at the following stores:


Scrapbook Boutique

The Printshop

PrintMaster Packs

Be sure to visit Marilyn’s blog HERE!

Kit Previews

mhos_crazyteaparty_01 mhos_crazyteaparty_02 mhos_crazyteaparty_03 mhos_crazyteaparty_04 mhos_crazyteaparty_05 mhos_crazyteaparty_06 mhos_crazyteaparty_07 mhos_crazyteaparty_08


kjd_crazyteaparty_lo1 kjd_crazyteaparty_lo2

J – O – Y

Jesus – others – yourself




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