Hugs for Josh


Marilyn created the bundle “Hugs for Josh” to help her nephew, Josh, and his family. It includes 40 papers and 287 elements. Below are a few previews. There are more previews on the store page. This is a wonderful kit, and all proceeds go towards Josh’s medical bills.

Her nephew Josh was in a very serious quad (4 wheel all terrain vehicle) accident on November 5th, leaving him with spinal cord injuries.

You can purchase the kit at  MyMemories


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kjd_hugme_lo1 kjd_hugme_lo2

“I thank you in advance for supporting my nephew Josh and his family by purchasing this bundle. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by the Gogol family”, Marilyn Glasser.

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Jesus – others – yourself


3 thoughts on “Hugs for Josh

  1. Thank you so much for doing this for Josh. I am so sorry that he was hurt and will put him on my prayer list. I bought the kit because it was going to help him. I would never pay that much for the kit. I am retired and probably will never use it. God bless you all.

    • Carla, I am so touched by your comment. My sister and her family feel blessed that there are people like you in the world. Every bit will help Josh with his recovery and rehab. They have found out that there are so many expenses involved with an accident like this. They have just finished creating a special bathroom in their home so that Josh has full access for bathing and using the facilities. Next comes the ramp and lift. The community has jumped on the support wagon. Thank you so much for buying the bundle when it is something that a retired person really doesn’t need. You are very precious.

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