Pampered Pups July BT


Anyone who owns cats knows that they certainly do have a cat-titude! I love cats and have always had them in my home. Enjoy the goodies each designer has created for you. My part is okay for commercial use, and it is full size. Please read my Terms of Use included in the kit. Thank you.

Train Stops


4 thoughts on “Pampered Pups July BT

  1. I have just found out how blog trains work and have been busy downloading the Cattitude Kit only to discover your part is missing, is there any chance you may still have it, i would be so grateful. Many Thanks Shirley.

  2. I just stumbled onto the Pampered Pups Cattitude Blog Train. I just love your cats, especially the gray one wearing the crown. That is just like my gray cat, Tatienne. She is the queen of the house. Thanks so much for this A+ contribution to this blog train.

  3. The kitties are adorable!!! The owl is precious!!! The grass is lovely!!! The papers are gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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