ScrapTwist Blog Train – October

Welcome to the STBT for October. I think you will like the kits this month that the designers have made. Some of us have included elements that can be printed and then cut out for party decorating, favors, and games. I have an invitation, banner, and two games; word search, and pin the tail on the dog. Then you can make layouts for the party photos and include those elements in the layout.



Visit the ScrapTwist Free4All Forum where we have challenges, games, freebies, tips, tutorials, and more. Stop by and join the fun. We have a wonderful group of ladies participating each month in our many different activities.

If you like my blog train kits be sure to check out my stores. I have a lot of great kits to choose from for your scrapping needs.


Scrapbook Boutique

The Printshop

PrintMaster Packs

Train Stops

Marniejo’s House of Scraps
KJDdesigns – You are Here
Rush Ranch
Nellie Bell
Songbird Scraps Designs
LEA Art Designs
Moore Blessings Digital Designs   Lori’s internet is down. She hopes to have hers posted by Wed.
The Preacher’s Gal

J – O – Y

Jesus – others – yourself

3 thoughts on “ScrapTwist Blog Train – October

  1. Let me start by saying all of you are hugely talented artists …..and then add that you have misspelled Dalmatians numerous times in the new bundle and in the elements….they are cute as can be but Dalmatians is spelled with all “a’s”…having raised them for 35 plus years as AKC pups I just wanted to get it on record. I know you probably cannot correct the bundle but I wanted to let you know. Please keep up the wonderful work you do and for sharing with those of us less talented. Thank You…

    1. Thank you Barbara. My spelling isn’t what it use to be. The old mind is not as good as it use to be. Guess I better start spell checking. LOL

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