STF4A January Challenges

Bonus Freebies for completing the different challenges.


Welcome to January and a whole lot of fun challenges at ScrapTwist Free4All Forum. There is a new challenge, and Bingo is back this month. Bingo is played every other month, so if you missed the January Bingo, come back in March for another new Bingo Challenge. The new challenge starting this month is Celebrations. I am hosting this challenge, and I am having fun with it. Each month has it’s own special celebrations. Some are well known such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few. Others are not as well known or you may never have heard of them. These are the celebrations I will be searching for each month for the Celebrations Challenge. For January I chose “National Tin Can Day”. I bet you didn’t know it existed! I know I didn’t.

Stop by the forum and join in the challenges, games, and conversations. You can create your own gallery to share your creations from the challenges, play some games, share other crafts you do, share your favorite recipes, or get tips & tricks about scrapbooking and scrapbooking programs from others in the forum.

We are a family oriented forum, which means we are “G” rated. The designers are talented, friendly, and very helpful. They have created several freebies for all participants in the forum that can be used for the challenges. Only STF4A Designer Kits are to be used for the forum challenges. The more posts you make in the forum, the more freebies you will have available to you. EX: 10 posts in the forum will give you access to the  “Junior Member Status Freebies”, 50 posts will give you access to the “Full Member Status Freebies”, and 100 posts will give you access to the “Senior Member Status Freebies”. Of course any kits you have purchased or received through blog trains from the STF4A Designers are also allowed to be used in the challenges. Signing up is free.

I hope to see you in the forum. Remember, EVERYTHING in the forum is FREE.

J – O – Y

Jesus – others – yourself

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