Free Kit With $20 Purchase

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This week’s free kit is You’re Berry Sweet by Cutie Pie Scraps.  What do you get when you combine pandas+baking+love? This adorable kit!  The pandas are hard at work making berry pies for the ones they love.  With striking backgrounds, fabulous florals, and a great mixture of other elements this kit is perfect to either create cards/valentines for those close to you or to showcase with photos of that special someone that you love! This sweet kit, normally priced at $4.99, is packed with 23 background papers, 112 embellishments, and 26 monograms!  This kit is fitting to pair with those photos of those cherished memories that you have with your loved ones!


To make sure that you collect your free kit please follow these steps:

  1. Visit my store HERE.

  2. Spend $20 (must total $20 before sales tax)

  3. DO NOT add the free kit to your cart!

  4. Enter the promo code  April15PMAK (code is case sensitive) in the promo code field on the checkout page.

  5. The promo code will add the free kit to the cart for you.

  6. Then you can proceed to checkout as usual.

This kit will be available for free with a $20 purchase from April 15-21!

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Free Kit with $20 Purchase

How do you get more BANG! for your buck?

Spend $20.00 or more and get this kit FREE

Use PROMO CODE at the end of checkout to receive free kit.


This week’s free kit is Good Friends by Snickerdoodle Designs.  Whether our friends are near or far away, they can bring a smile to our face whenever we think of them.  They are “happy spots” in our lives.  Good Friends was designed in lovely, soft pastels, with just the right amount of color pop to add excitement to your pages. Several word art graphics are included in the kit to assist with page themes. This delightful kit, normally priced at $6.99, is packed with 23 background papers and 128 embellishments!  The kit is gorgeous and is filled with plenty of papers and elements to chronicle all your friendly adventures.


To make sure that you collect your free kit please follow these steps:

  1. Spend $20 (must total $20 before sales tax)

  2. Visit my store HERE.

  3. DO NOT add the free kit to your cart!

  4. Enter the promo code April8SDDS (code is case sensitive) in the promo code field on the checkout page.

  5. The promo code will add the free kit to the cart for you.

  6. Then you can proceed to checkout as usual.

This kit will be available for free with a $20 purchase from April 8-14!

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Springtime and a Sale

I am sitting here at my computer with my sweater on. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because I can have my windows open. No need to use the air conditioner or the heater. I think spring is taking its sweet time getting up the mountain. We had hail just two days ago. I am okay with the cool weather because I don’t do well in temps over 65 but I would really like to start opening my windows for the fresh air. Wherever you live, I hope you are enjoying the weather. I try not to complain about the cold since I don’t want the summer heat to come but I think I would be happy with three seasons. Fall, Winter, and Spring.

To help me get into the spirit of Spring, I have added two new kits to my store; April Journal Elements, and March Journal Elements. I must confess I am not much of a journal person. I don’t journal in a book, and put just a few brief sentences on my scrapbook pages. I like to use elements to express my feelings of the photos. I also have never journal-ed on a calendar. Since some people like to do this, I decided to make a couple of kits with embellishments only.  For my samples I used backgrounds from my other kits.

You can grab these two kits for 20% until April 19th at links are below.


April Journal Elements

March Journal Elements


Scrapbooking Terms

Digital Scrapbooking with KJDdesigns

I have been designing since 2015. I am a designer/crafter at heart. I love to create. Sewing, scrapbooking, and origami are just a few of the crafts I have done over the years. As soon as computers started showing up in homes, and schools; I was hooked. I even taught computer classes all over the USA for five years.
As I was surfing the Internet one day, I came across an opportunity to win MyMemories Suite v2, so I entered. And I won! That was a while ago! We are now in version 9.
I decided to dig deeper into this “digital scrapbooking” thing and I was amazed at the number of Acronyms used. Just as I thought I had learned them all, I would see a new one being used. I was constantly asking what does this mean, what does that mean? LOL Think about it, a lot of topics have their own language. Math has a language of its own, as does music, boating, and yes even digital scrapbooking. So today, I am writing for the “newbies” in digital scrapbooking. I want to help you understand what everyone is talking about. The best advice I can give to the “newbies” is to join a forum. You can join MyMemories Forum where they have many challenges. This is the best way to learn new things and to push yourself to try something new. As long as I have been designing, I still learn new techniques, and short cuts. Also, purchasing MyMemories Suite will be a tremendous help in your creating and designing. Use code STMMMS84574 to receive a discount. So, let’s get started!

Getting to Know the “Lingo”

365/Project 365/Photo 365 – Refers to the challenge of taking a picture every day of the year and creating layouts. It’s like having a photo journal of the year.

ATC – (Artist Trading Card) These miniature works of art can be created in many mediums, including digital. The canvas size is typically 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches. They are often swapped with other artists or collected in a similar way to other trading cards such as baseball cards.

BLINKIE – A small graphic (often rotating or flashing in some way) to advertise a site, or a favorite designer. Digital scrapbookers will often display blinkies in a forum signature line, or on a blog.

BT – (Blog Train) A group of designers who make individual small kits centered around a theme and/or color palette. They post these kits for free on their blogs so when others go to the sites of each designer and download their kit, they end up with one large kit. You can be a designer for the blog train, a person who downloads the parts of the train, or both. Joining a Blog Train is free.

CANVAS – The area of your page in MyMemories where you build your layout.

CLUSTER – A grouping of digital embellishments.

CREDITS – A list of the designers’ names in which you used part of their product in a kit or layout. A list of credits can be placed in the Terms of Use, in a post or in a gallery where you are displaying your layout.

CROPPING – Reducing the size of a photo or cutting out a specific area of a picture to use. Just like with paper scrapping, you can crop pictures to use on digital layouts.

CT – (Creative Team) This is a team that is put together by an online store or digital designer to help them showcase their products and designs. Creative Team members are usually required to create and post a certain number of layouts in exchange for free product and/or other benefits.

CU – (Commercial Use)  Products labeled as CU can be used for commercial projects. With the items provided in a kit, you can create items or papers and resell them. Once again, be sure to read the TOU in the kit on exactly what can or cannot be done to the elements, and how the items can be sold. Usually if a kit is appropriate for commercial use it can also be used for PU/ S4H or S4O. The kit you make with CU items can only be sold for PU.

License – Allows you to use other designer’s creations in a kit that you re-sell. Some Licenses are free. Some designers require you to purchase a CU License from them before using their creations in a kit you sell. Licenses can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $100.00. Again, this information can be found in the kit’s TOU. It is best to always give credit to designers even if they don’t require it. It’s just the courteous thing to do.

CU4CU – (Commercial Use for Commercial Use)  Products that allow the customer to create their own commercial use products from the provided elements or papers. When using CU4CU kits make sure to read the Terms of Use. If a kit is CU4CU it is usually okay for CU/PU/S4H/S4O. Items that are used from a CU4CU kit may be sold in your kit as CU.

DESIGNER – A person who creates digital and/or paper products for scrapbookers to use.

DIGI/DIGI SCRAPING – An abbreviation for digital scrapbooking.

Digital Scrapbook Programs – A computer program like, MyMemories Suite, that allows you to create papers, embellishments, layouts, and photobooks.

DPI – (Dots Per Inch) Which is a measure of printing resolution. The industry standard for digital scrapbooking products is 300 dpi.

DROP SHADOWS – Shadowing added to your elements and/or papers to add dimension and realism to digital scrapbook layouts.

DT – (Design Team) Another name for Creative Team.

EHD – (External Hard Drive) which is a storage device for files that is separate from a main computer. It is portable and plugs into the computer via USB drive. It is a good way to have a back-up of your files.

ELEMENTS/EMBELLISHMENT/ELLIES – Individual objects that are found in a kit.  An example of an element would be a flower, button, banner, etc. These objects vary in size but should always be at 300px for the resolution.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FLASH DRIVE/JUMP DRIVE – A small USB drive for saving and transporting files.

FLATTENED – Means that the page is one unit consisting of one layer. This way the layout cannot be changed.

FONTS – A complete set of characters having different looks or designs.

FREEBIES – Something given out for free!

GRAYSCALE – A colorless image or element meant to be re-colored.

HYBRID – A combination of paper scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking. You can customize and print digital items and then print them out and embellish them with physical scrapbooking items. More than just layouts, this can be items like party decorations, holiday gifts, goodie bags, greeting cards etc.

JOURNALING – The words included on a scrapbook layout.

JPEG/JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) A file format used for storing and transporting photographs and digital images. Digital backgrounds do not need any transparent area, so they are saved as jpgs. If you are creating hybrid cards they can also be saved as jpgs.

KITS – A coordinated collection of digital papers and embellishments that are sold together as a set.

LAYERS – Similar to a set of transparencies that can be stacked on top of each other, to create your layout, used in some scrapbooking programs. MyMemories has layers so you can move your images around and place one on top of another.

LICENSE AGREEMENT – An agreement between you and a designer that would entitle you to the “use” of the item that is purchased. This agreement doesn’t give you complete rights of the image in question, but only the right to use it, according to the designer’s terms.

LO – (Layout) A layout is your finished scrapbook page.

LOTW – (Layout of the Week) Several sites and forums use this acronym when they pick a favorite layout to showcase.

ONLINE BACKUP – Storing photos and digital files on the internet.

PAPER/BACKGROUNDS – These are papers created for the background of a layout. They are usually 3600 pixels X 3600 pixels (12″ x 12″) and always 300px.

PB/BB – (Photobooks/Brag Books) These are pages that are completely pre-designed and flattened. You only need to add your photos and then share or print.

PHOTO EDITING – Making changes to a photograph in a digital editing program.

PIXELS – The tiniest piece of a digital image.

PNG – (Portable Network Graphics) Digital Elements that have a transparent background are PNG files. This can be stamps, stickers, or any type of element. Quick Pages are also in png format where the photo area needs to be clear so you can place your photo behind the QP.

PPI – (Pixels Per Inch) Refers to how many ‘pixels per inch’ there are in the makeup of your image. The digital scrapbooking industry has set its standard at 300pixels. So, when creating and making your elements and papers, use 300px.

PU – (Personal Use) You can use the product for your own personal use.

PX – (Pixels) The individual little color squares of an overall image.

QP – (Quick Page) A pre-designed digital scrapbook page saved in a flattened form with a transparent spot(s) for a photo(s). The only thing left to do is to add a photo or photos.

R4R – (Resale for Resale) This means you have purchased a Resale for Resale license from a designer and they are allowing you to Resell their product. You must abide by their TOU to do so.

S4H – (Scrap for Hire) You can use the items to create a flattened layout for other people and they pay you for the service of creating the layout.

S4O – (Scrap for Others)  Same as above except you don’t get paid for your work.

SCRAPLIFT/ LIFT – Copying (with credit) another scrapper’s layout.

SCREEN SHOT – A captured shot of the full computer screen on a computer.

TEMPLATES – Templates are usually layered files that you can use as a starting place to create a layout. You’ll need photos, digital papers, and digital elements to customize your layout. Most templates will allow you to move things around as much as you like for complete customization. Elements can also come in template form to allow you to customize them for your work.

TIFF – (Tagged Image File Format) A flexible format that can accommodate layered files.

TITLE WORK – The art of creating a title for a layout.

TOU – (Terms of Use) The terms under which you can use someone’s product. Every kit should include a TOU. You should also READ the TOU in the kits you use as they vary from designer to designer.

TUTORIAL/TUT– A step by step description of how to do something. Can be in written, audio, or video form.

TWO PAGE LAYOUTS – A layout that spans two pages and looks cohesive in design across the space of an open book. Layouts are 3600px (12”) wide, a two-page layout will be 7200px (24”) wide. Both will still be 3600px (12”) tall.

UNZIP – To open or undo the zip file format that digital products are delivered in so that you can use them.

WordArt – Words or phrases customized by a designer as an element. These will be a png or tiff file format.

ZIP – (A data compression and archival file format) A zip file is an archive that contains one or more files compressed or “zipped” using zip compression.

Here is one of my kits: My Pet



FB Page


New Kits & Sale

We have finally been having sunny weather here is the Sierras, and I am enjoying having my window open as I work on my computer. However, we are expecting some more rain this week. Seems it has been a cold and wet winter/spring for many of us. I hope you too are getting to enjoy some sunny days. It was nice to get out in the yard yesterday and do a little cleaning.

I have two new kits in my store, and my entire store is on sale until Wednesday, March 20th. I am starting to create journal kits. I will also be including bullet lists in some of these kits. If you have anything in particular that you would like to see, please let me know. Bullet lists, and journal cards are really popular right now. I also personally like flower kits so I have created another one for my store. It matches my Flor Mini Kit that was my part of the March 2018 MyMemories Blog Train. Here are the two new kits. Just click on the kit title to be taken to my store.

This Moment



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Weekend Sale & More

Three great deals at MyMemories

1. Save 25% off at the Design Shop this weekend only. (Feb 1-3)  Use code LOVELY25

2. Join the MyMemories Design Club to receive a Mega kit Signup Bonus, 8 Exclusive Monthly kits, & Loyalty Discount 5%-20% off purchases in the Design Shop.

3. Purchase MyMemories Suite v9, use code STMMMS5864 to get $10.00 of the price plus more.

25% off at Design Shop   Use code: LOVELY25 at checkout

Join MyMemories Design Club

Purchase MyMemories Suite v9    Use code: STMMMS5864 at checkout

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Join Our Challenges, and Get Creative!

The February Challenges are ready, so come join the fun at the ScrapTwist Free4All Forum. We have several challenges to choose from. Complete a couple of them or complete them all. With each challenge completed you will receive a bonus digital kit from the hostess. Below is a sampling of some of the freebies you can collect this month.

Never visited our forum? Here is the LINK. We are a “G” rated forum, and we are not connected to a store. It is FREE to sign up, and EVERYTHING on the forum is FREE. I suggest you begin in the thread “Forum Tips, Information, and Welcome” here you can find out about the forum, and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy, we have all levels of scrapbookers from all around the world.

Here is how receiving the freebies works.

Complete a challenge – receive a free bonus kit from the hostess

Posting in the forum:

10 posts – gives you access to Junior Member Status Freebies

50 posts – gives you access to Full Member Status Freebies

100 posts – gives you access to Founding Member Status Freebies

I hope to see you there. We have a lot of fun. The members, designers, and hostesses are friendly, encouraging, and an all-around great group of women. We also have threads for games, craft/sewing, a gallery for you to post your creations, recipe exchange, need help section, ISO, and so much more. You may also want to check out our FB pages.

ScrapTwist Designers Blog Train

ScrapTwist Free4All

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Share the Memories Freebies

Each week MyMemories has two freebies from different designers. Here are this weeks freebies.

Freebie 2 – LLL Creations

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STF4A January Challenges

Bonus Freebies for completing the different challenges.


Welcome to January and a whole lot of fun challenges at ScrapTwist Free4All Forum. There is a new challenge, and Bingo is back this month. Bingo is played every other month, so if you missed the January Bingo, come back in March for another new Bingo Challenge. The new challenge starting this month is Celebrations. I am hosting this challenge, and I am having fun with it. Each month has it’s own special celebrations. Some are well known such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few. Others are not as well known or you may never have heard of them. These are the celebrations I will be searching for each month for the Celebrations Challenge. For January I chose “National Tin Can Day”. I bet you didn’t know it existed! I know I didn’t.

Stop by the forum and join in the challenges, games, and conversations. You can create your own gallery to share your creations from the challenges, play some games, share other crafts you do, share your favorite recipes, or get tips & tricks about scrapbooking and scrapbooking programs from others in the forum.

We are a family oriented forum, which means we are “G” rated. The designers are talented, friendly, and very helpful. They have created several freebies for all participants in the forum that can be used for the challenges. Only STF4A Designer Kits are to be used for the forum challenges. The more posts you make in the forum, the more freebies you will have available to you. EX: 10 posts in the forum will give you access to the  “Junior Member Status Freebies”, 50 posts will give you access to the “Full Member Status Freebies”, and 100 posts will give you access to the “Senior Member Status Freebies”. Of course any kits you have purchased or received through blog trains from the STF4A Designers are also allowed to be used in the challenges. Signing up is free.

I hope to see you in the forum. Remember, EVERYTHING in the forum is FREE.

J – O – Y

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My Oh My What Fun We Have!

We are entering into a new month and you know what that means? YES!!! New challenges at the ScrapTwist Free4All Forum (STF4A). We have some of the favorites plus some new ones. We also have some new games to play. The group of ladies involved are so talented, friendly, and warm that I just love being a part of the STF4A Forum. I am making many new friends by being involved. I hope you will join us.

Don’t be shy, stop in, register, and take a look around. If you are not familiar with forums, don’t worry there are plenty of people that can help you out. We are a “G” rated forum which means we are family friendly. We even have Google Translator available if you are not fluent in English. Our designers work hard each month creating fun challenges, and bonus’ for those who participate.

See you in the STF4A Forum!

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Get Ready For BINGO!

That’s right, we will be playing Bingo in the ScrapTwistFree4All Forum starting in October. As an avid Bingo player, I am soooooo excited. Stop by the forum BEFORE Oct 1st to pick up the Bingo Card Template, and word list. These are both located in the Challenges Thread, then click on the Bingo Challenge. Instructions along with the card template and word list are NOW available. If you don’t have time to decorate your card, that is okay. The first thing you want to do is pick your words from the list and place them in squares until your card is full so you will be ready for when the game starts. You can always decorate your card later.

Here is a sample of my card

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New Kit by Marniejo’s House of Scraps

Marilyn has a new kit in her store titled “Vintage Blooms”. This is a beautiful kit full of vintage flowers and other items. It contains 18 backgrounds, and 50 embellishments. “Vintage Blooms” is available at the following stores:


Scrapbook Boutique

The Printshop

PrintMaster Packs

Kit Previews






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ScrapTwist Free 4 All Forum

Have you checked out the STF4A Forum? We are a “G” rated forum, very family friendly. A great group of crazy, and fun designers and scrapbooking friends having a great time, sharing ideas, freebies, challenges, and tips. Don’t be left out, come take a look around.

Here is a preview of the August Challenge Bonus Freebies.

There is still time to do some of the July Challenges, and collect those bonus freebies as well.

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ScrapTwist Forum Challenges

It’s the beginning of July and that means new challenges at the ScrapTwist Forum. If this is your first time visiting, register first, and then take a look around.  With thirteen different challenges there is bound to be something for everyone.

The July Designer of the Month is Marniejo’s House of Scraps. Be sure to stop in and say “Hi”. She has a surprise for you.

I host three of the challenges at the forum; the ATC (Artist Trading Card) Challenge, the Bookmark Challenge, and the Cluster Challenge.

Bonuses for the July Challenges.

Some of the designer’s have bonuses with the same theme, while others match their bonuses to the current blog train. So if you collect them all, you can end up with a nice size kit.

The July Bonus theme is Color of Dreams. I made three smaller kits that match. So once you complete each of my challenges you will have the whole kit.

Click each image to be taken to the challenge.

ATC Challenge Bonus
Bookmark Bonus
Cluster Bonus

Stop in the “New to the Forum? Say Hello Here” topic and introduce yourself. We are a crazy bunch of fun, and easy-going ladies who love to create and give away goodies.

J – O – Y
Jesus – others – yourself

ScrapTwist BT and Forum

We are currently looking for designers to join our blog train, and host challenges in our forum.

Must be:

  • Dependable – be willing and able to meet a deadline.

  •  Experienced in making full sized (300ppi) kits and/or elements.

  • Be willing to commit to doing both the blog train and forum monthly and on a consistent basis.

  • Must have a blog.

  • Store owners are welcomed to join us however all blog train freebies must be given on your blog.

  • Blog must be family friendly/G-rated.

If you are interested contact admin at:

Scrap Twist Free4All Forum

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New! Opening Today! New!

I am so excited to announce a brand new forum by ScrapTwist Free 4 All.

Membership is FREE!

We have many challenges in store for you, along with games, getting to know the ST Designers, Galleries, and more. Come join us by creating your membership today.

Join our Treasure Hunt, not only to grab some treasures but to help you travel around the forum.

Once you have joined the forum, go to the Treasure Hunt Event Thread.

There are clues to help you find your treasures.

And oh what treasures you will find!

Forum Categories:

How to Navigate the Forum – tutorials on how to get around, post items, links, and more.

ScrapTwist Designer Freebies – a place where you can grab freebies provided by the ST Designers.

Forum News and Announcements – stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

ScrapTwist Designer News – get to know the designers of STF4A.

Member Galleries – create your own gallery where you post your creations for all to see.

Challenges – a list of fun challenges to join.

Games – come have some fun with other members.

Q & A – Got a question? Have an answer? Here is where we will help each other.

General Discussion – anything that doesn’t fall under listed categories.

Recipe Swap – it is always fun to try new recipes.

ISO (In Search of) – looking for something in particular, let us know.

J – O – Y

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Worldwide Christmas Freebies

Just a reminder that all the links for the free Christmas Kit will be available until Jan. 15th 2018. Then the kit will be available in my store. So, if you haven’t grabbed all the goodies, be sure to do so before the deadline.

MMS v9 – 50% off Today Only

Get an additional $10 off by using my code – STMMMS84574.

New Features in My Memories Suite 9 Include:

New Project Types
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus
Print Products – Canvas, Metal, Posters, Mug, Mousepad, Water Bottle

Photo Enhancements
Color Pop – Make a photo Black and White except for an area you select in Color
HSB – Hue Saturation Brightness Adjustments
Right-Click photos in the Photo Gallery to see details (width, height, dpi, path, etc)
Right-Click to sort photos in Photo Gallery by Date vs Name

Text Enhancements
Copy & Paste Text Styles from one Text Box to another
Copy & Paste Text without Style or Paste Special with Style
Text on a Shape or Line can now have Text Styles
Adjust Text Style while Text is Attached to Shape or Line
Set any Text Box Style to Default Text Style

Background Enhancements
Set Background to Gradient Colors
Zoom Background In or Out
Nudge Background in Eight Directions for Precise Positioning

Calendar Improvements
Additional Options for Calendar Header Sizing
Set a Specific Day of the Week to be a Custom Color
Calendar Projects from Scratch will Automatically add Calendar Months to pages
Set start Month to Yearly Calendars

Other Enhancements
Set Objects to Same Width, Height, or Size
Set Mattes to Gradient Colors
Grid to asset with aligning points in Shape Editor
Autosave option for Project with Adjustable Interval
Page Number Feature now allows for Text Before or After Page Numbers
Fast Fill option to insert Breaks which will help to keep groups of photos together
Photo Layouts can be sorted by # of Photos
Word Art can be filled with Background Paper
Search within Templates Dialog

New commercial & personal use Content for My Memories Suite 9:
150 New Backgrounds
400 New Embellishments
2 Calendar Templates
2 Greeting Card Templates
1 Photobook Templates

CU Scrapbooking Elements and Papers

If you like to receive Commercial Use digital scrapbooking items, then you might want to check out Angel Wings Scraps (AWS) CU Membership Club. I belong to this club and I receive wonderful scrapbooking items for my layouts and kits. I have never had to fix any of the items because of jaggies or rough edges and all files are 300dpi. I like that you can join for 1 month, 2 months, or more. You do not need to sign up for a whole year. Items are a PSP Script and .png file, and because they are for commercial use, this a great club for designers. Try it out for a couple of months! Prices are below images.

Here are a few items I have received.

aws_bertspotofgoldscript aws_stpattysdaysignscript aws_lovebear1script 16406425_1424811567552309_1157984238075613285_n 16426132_1423532167680249_1739595569184490622_n 16427449_1423532207680245_7636921696972765815_n 16508931_1424811430885656_6794294314121977932_n 16603095_1424811517552314_7408392885276271142_n 16864794_1445377592162373_2245070582884724143_n 16998752_1445377568829042_4375210002646082717_n

Membership Prices:   $10 / 1 month — $20 / 3 months — $30 / 6 months

Send Jill Watkins a private message on FB and tell her that Karen Diebolt, owner of KJDdesigns sent you.



February Challenge at MyMemories

Marilyn, owner of Marniejo’s House of Scraps has a fun challenge for this month. It is all about “2’s”. What ever you place in your layout, must be done twice. Go to the forum to read all the details of this challenge by click on the link below. Most important…..Have Fun!

Tell a Story Challenge by Marniejo’s House of Scraps




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